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Webmaster - Lennon Parker

Lennon Parker started "Melissa Sue Anderson - Beyond The Prairie" in 1999 because he couldn't find much information on Melissa Sue Anderson. He saw many fan pages for Melissa Gilbert and other cast members but no Melissa Sue? Melissa was his favorite actress on Little House and he felt she deserved to have a fan site like the others So, he went to work! He went through his Little House collection looking for pictures and articles than he went to eBay to get some stuff and bought a program called "Snappy" which is no longer in business but at the time it let him take movies he had of Melissa and make pictures out of them. In no time a website was put together! Now, four years later the site is still a success and is loved by many of Melissa's fans.

Lennon Parker was a model in the 80s and retired from modeling in 1997 to pursue education and new things. On occasions he'll model for locals around town. Today Lennon is still in college majoring in computer science. When he isn't in school he maintains a massive website based on Michael Landon's Little House On The Prairie and he also maintains the prairie talk newsletter which can be found at

If you wish to contact Lennon he can be reached at