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Loving Melissa Sue Anderson - By Sherry Soltis

I started watching Little House on the Prairie more years ago then I like to think about, and found along with the other great actors and actresses on the show, Melissa Sue Anderson. I watched her go thru all the little girl problems with her sisters, boy problems, school problems, watched her grow up and felt like she was one of my family.

During the episodes when she first started losing her sight, you could really tell what a good actress she was, she never failed to make me cry in one of her sad episodes. After she overcame the blindness, and moved on and married, and had a family of her own, it was wonderful watching her grow then, mature and become such a beautiful person.

When she had her birthday, when Charles sold his fiddle to buy her a gift, and ma and her bought it back, and gave it to him, and at the end saying how she had everything she ever wanted, and God Bless you all, I cried like a baby. What a touching scene. Not too many actresses could have pulled that off.

Later when the blind school burned and she lost her baby, I felt like it was part of my family that had died, she made it so real.

It was a pleasure watching her then, and it's still a pleasure watching her now on the movies she does, I understand she does not want to do too much acting now, she enjoys her family too much, and thats great for her but bad for her fans.

I have always thought her to be a beautiful person in looks and in heart and soul and have truly enjoyed her over the years.