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Melissa Sue Anderson- Beyond The Prairie

Elana Ehrman   14/Aug/2002:20:23:50
crystal houde   13/Aug/2002:03:23:45
Heidi Braunreuther   10/Aug/2002:13:19:16
Dear Melissa Sue, could you send your address to me? I would be very
happy. Of course I understand when there is no possibility.
I also want to have contact to other fans of you. If somebody wrote to
me I would be glad. I am 30 years old.
My address:
Heidi Braunreuther
Erikaweg 1 a
95505 Immenreuth

Dear Melissa Sue, please excuse my English. Schoolyears are long time
ago. God bless you.

Belinda   08/Aug/2002:01:27:44
I grew up watching the show and I think you r a grat actress...I hope
go back to actting soon.
Naheeda   07/Aug/2002:18:45:39
Brilliant site. I love to watch Little House On The Prairie. I still
watch them now. I enjoyed surf site. Keep good work up!
Karrie Lynn Smith none 29/Jul/2002:23:43:23
Wonderful site keep it up.
jenn   27/Jul/2002:23:04:11
mary you are ausome i have been watching little house ever since i was
like 11 and i am almost 20 and i absolutly love little house on the
prairie!!! i try not to miss an episode! my favorite one was when MARY
went blind ! WELL TAKE CARE
kylie   27/Jul/2002:20:11:11
hallo ich komme aus deutschland ,
ich liebe melissa!!!!!!!!!!
jacke'e   23/Jul/2002:09:53:44
hey mellisa i've been watching LHOTP for as long as i can remember.i'm
21 now and i still watch did great on the show.I can't believe
that you guyz 're grown now and have your own kinda makes
me sad.ya'll did great on the show and still inspire many of us today.I
miss Michael Landon alot.still cant believe he's gone.I just want to
thank you for the positive way you acted.Things have changed today and
there's alotta gabbarge bein'shown on tv.but i'm glad we can still tune
in on the little house on the praire and be inspired and taught how to
do things rite.gotta go now but stay truelly blessed.from fan-jacke'e.
Kelvin   17/Jul/2002:15:14:38
Hello Melissa Sue Anderson,
What can I say that you haven't heard already? You are beautiful and
that's for sure. Just to say hello to you in person, would be like
wishing for a star that one never gets. Oh well, my best wishes to you
and your family. Your fan, Kelvin
tammy the walton goggins site 16/Jul/2002:20:47:00

Nice page. Glad to hear she's doing well. Visit my page for the actor who played Almanzo in the Beyond the Prairie movies, all, and sign the guestbook.
Crystal Cooper   16/Jul/2002:03:50:35
Crysta Cooper   16/Jul/2002:03:46:10
Theresa   14/Jul/2002:22:18:17
Dear Melissa I do not believe i have ever missed one ep of little house
on the prairie I started watching it when i was only 10 years old and
now still at the age of 38 it has to be one of my muched loved shows.
Only last night I was watching a movie with melissa gilbert in called
the Lookalike and it bought back memories of one of the best shows to
ever air on televison you were my favourite in little house you did
great melissa I wish you well.
Tabita   12/Jul/2002:22:11:10

Hi Melissa! I just loooooove to watch your show, "Little House On The
Prairie". It's my favorite. You're awsome! Oh well I guess I have to
go now. Bye!
Marcus M+M's Homepage! 12/Jul/2002:22:07:01
Hello Melissa Sue!

Sorry but my English is not so good. I'am from Austria (Europe) and
I'am a big Fan from you. I Love the Serie The little House on the

Beautiful greets from Austria

In love

Michelle   06/Jul/2002:11:31:47
This is a great site. Thanks!
ROY JOSE   06/Jul/2002:10:32:39
HI MELISSA: Once again I want you to know I think you're awesome! I
heard that the real Mary Ingalls never got married, if thats true I
wish that was also true about the actress who played her. Ha! Only
kidding Melissa, I Seen your wedding photo on this website, ah, those
blue eyes, I mean lucky guy there! Melissa Sue Anderson you're great!
Well, gotta go! BYE MELISSA.
ROY JOSE   06/Jul/2002:10:28:15
HI MELISSA: Once again I want you to know I think you're awesome! I
heard that the real Mary Ingalls never got married, if thats true I
wish that was also true about the actress who played her. Ha! Only
kidding Melissa, I Seen your wedding photo on this website, ah, those
blue eyes, I Mean lucky guy there! Melissa Sue Anderson you're great!
Well, gotta go! BYE MELISSA.
Beverly Hobaugh   04/Jul/2002:05:47:26
I just want to say I watched Melissa and the whole cast when I was
growing up and enjoyed it thoroughly and I still watch them every day
on cable channels. I am a fan of Melissa's always loved her she really
fits the part so well. I have seen the real house of Laura's here in
Missouri and it's great because I will be a true fan of "Little House
on the Prarie" for the rest of my life. I watch the reruns every chance
I get. I have an autograph from Doc Baker and picture of Michael Landon
and Doc Baker.
Janita Madden   27/Jun/2002:09:19:48
I have just recently found my LHOTP books that my mum bought me when i
was a young girl. I throughly enjoyed reading these books all over
again and i also loved the series and wish that Australian television
would show the series again. I am also amazed at the amount of
information available on the net about Laura and the television
series.Anyway good-by from the land of Oz
marcus   26/Jun/2002:15:46:35
Thanks for the great website of which is a perfect 10! I grew up with
Little House and it is great to find articles and info such as your's.
Keep up the great work! "Thanks"
Anna Bodin   26/Jun/2002:14:14:15
Hi! I`m a twenty year old Swedish girl. I watch LHOTP as often as I
can. Have been watching it since I was a kid and I still love it. My
favourite characters are Mary, Charles and Albert. When i was younger I
wanted to look like Melissa. Today after wathcing LHOTP I felt I had to
know what "Mary" looks like today, and what she´s doing. I have never
seen her in any other series, movies or tv-show.
Samuel   20/Jun/2002:04:02:09
Hi Melissa, I watch you sometimes on tv, if i get up that early but any
way; i don't know what you look like now but I thought you were a very
pretty girl! Whomever married you is one lucky fellow!
ROY JOSE   17/Jun/2002:23:23:28
zzzzzz   08/Jun/2002:05:56:05
where am i.....
Annette   06/Jun/2002:16:50:26
Hey Melissa, I'm 38 yrs. old and I grew up watching LHOTP and I enjoyed
watching You grow up. We are kinda alot alike especially temper wise.
I have a terrible temper whenever I get mad. Well anyway I just wanted
to tell you that i have a 12yr. old daughter who has eyes that look
like yours. And I have a 20yr. old daughter and a 8 month old
granddaughter. My oldest grew up watching you also. Well good luck in
whatever comes your way and God Bless. I wish their was more on your
web-site about your life as a mother and how you met your husband etc.
Annette   06/Jun/2002:16:41:11
mark   05/Jun/2002:20:17:38
Great website...I am a 35 yrs old and was a huge Melissa Sue and LHOP
fan..I even wrote her and got a reply.
I was just curious as to if Melissa ever saw this website?? Many people
sign this guestbook as if they are writing directly to far
as I know this is not Melissa's personal web page....just
wondering...did you all see Melissa on the cover of US magazine a few
months back? she just turned 40! wow how time flies!!
Christine Baldwin   31/May/2002:10:12:45
karen   29/May/2002:21:34:57
Melissa,Im 37 years old and I grew up watching you on Little House On
The Prairie.Your eyes are the most beautiful eyes ive ever seen in my
life.I have every episode of Little House on vhs.I still watch you
every morning on TBS.@ episodes one at 10:00am and one at 11:00am.I
must admit ive had a crush on you since the early seventies!! and still
do to this day! and yes,bye the way............I am a girl!! best
wishes to you, karen
ann   26/May/2002:22:23:46
You were excellent actress, Mary Ingalls was (is) a sweet person, but a
person not to be reckoned with when she got angry. Good luck Melissa in
your acting endevaors, I will look for you.
ROY JOSE   24/May/2002:23:02:21
HI MELISSA: I think you are great and I engoyed watching you on Little
house. Happy Birth Day To Me, I have not seen that movie yet. I think
I'll rent it this weekend or something and thats what I am going to do
ok! Well,got to go now. BYE MELISSA.
jason   23/May/2002:19:52:58
Hi Melissa-
My mother watched LHOTP all the time. As a kid whenever I got in
trouble, I had to sit in this chair in the living room. Well, I spent
alot of time in this chair, and there wasn't much of a view out the
window, so I watched Little House, and not only got into it, but was
inspired to become an actor. Your performances(as well as the rest of
the cast) were nothing short of excellent! And of course, I developed a
crush on you. You are beauty at it's best!!!! I hope to hear from you-
as it would be a dream come true!!!! The Best to you always!
jason tisi
Scotty Suggs S -&- R Printing 11/May/2002:13:54:09
We miss you from the Prairie. Do not see near enough of you these days.
You were/are a valuable asset to the show. You are our favorite.
Roy Jose   10/May/2002:06:42:17
HI MELLISA. I think you have the most beautiful blue eyes,I have
ever seen. I started watching your show when I was 10 years old in
South Africa. I'm 33 years old now and lately started watching it
again. I began to wonder how you look like now,I' seen your pictures
now and let me tell you look great. I live in New England for the past
22 years now and am so suprised how LITTLE HOUSE was a beautiful[mainly
be cause of you] funny loving show. The most suprise of all GOD,I mean
it was a Godly show. BYE AWESOME BLUE EYES.
Michael Rodriguez None 08/May/2002:14:23:13
This Is My Favorite Actress Of All Time!!!!
Darcie none 06/May/2002:05:25:03

What doe's Melissa Sue actually do for the 2000's now?
Are you still working in some way or just plain married?
What's been happening with those twins from the show?
I'm so much curious about how these newer years are
doing for you and the rest of the cast.
What do the Greenbush twins look like these days
oh gosh I'm so curious. I remember [I think] it was
Patrick who must have gotten married wasn't it in the IN-Style
magazine some years ago. Darcie from Washington.
Dian 24/Apr/2002:01:25:10
What a delightful homepage. It's nice to read about you. Please keep
it updated. Best wishes from one of your fans...
Lisa   23/Apr/2002:00:11:49
Melissa Sue Anderson,

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed you on Little House. I
have been watching the show since it first aired, and I still am
watching it. My daughter is nine and she loves the show too. I know you
must have been sad when Mr. Landon died. I still can't believe he is
gone. I cried when I found out he died. He will always be Pa for me.
Take care and I hope you are doing well.
Sarah 20/Apr/2002:15:14:55
Charming. I liked your site!
Amy B   19/Apr/2002:02:06:19
Hi... If you read this Melissa, I guess I would be surprised. If so, I
would just love to say that I watch LHOTP every day for two hours. I
bet you're saying, "Get a life". I just wish it was on at night, too.
So that children can watch the show. Though I never really appreciated
the show until now. Yes, I am 34 and can wait until tomarrow morning
to tune in. Just can't get enough. My husband is from Mankato and I
made him take me to Walnut Grove. Just to feel a sence of what it may
have actually been like back then. Ok, I'll shut up. We all miss
you. Take care!
Tony F   18/Apr/2002:08:28:46
Hi Melissa! I watch Little house on the prairie almost every day.
You were a great actress and I bet you still are.
I was wondering, what are you doing now?

Im from Sweden, bye
heather dymock hettys world 17/Apr/2002:20:46:55
enjoy melissas acting performances very much,hello from scotland
Tammy   14/Apr/2002:02:54:45
Hi Melissa! I'm another fan who grew up with your show every Monday
night, and when I'm home I catch it on TBS in the morning. I'm 33,
married, with two children, and I try to instill in them the values
that were portrayed on LHOTP....and it seems to be working...they're
wonderful children. I'm glad that they have the opportunity to watch
it all did a great job!
edna   11/Apr/2002:23:30:03
PEDRO RENIQUE MORALE   04/Apr/2002:17:09:15

Scarlett   28/Mar/2002:03:57:23
Hi Melissa, I wanted to write you and to tell you how much I still
enjoy LHOTP. You are a wonderful actress. You and Adam seem to be a
perfect couple.
Susan Ward FREE STUFF 27/Mar/2002:18:41:30
Excellent site. Thanks
tina williams   25/Mar/2002:16:10:23
melissa,i have watched the little house for yrs and you and melissa
gilbert i just love to and huggs tina williams
Paul Pettersson   22/Mar/2002:09:14:56
Elizabeth V. Early   21/Mar/2002:09:41:02
Dear Melissa,
I'd love to see some of your wedding photos and just a few photos
of your children.
I find it disturbing that Melissa Gilbert has found so many more
roles than you have. Is it because she is Jewish? I have heard that
it can really help to be Jewish in movies and TV.
Well, having a family is much more important that being on TV a
Love ya,
Elizabeth V. Early
keith downey   19/Mar/2002:02:43:43
Claire Louise Jones   18/Mar/2002:22:17:13
Still playing on Channel 4 U.K. every week. I love the programme and
never miss an episode!! I'd love to get all the videos!

Love from
Claire L Jones (South Wales - U.K.)
Rob   18/Mar/2002:18:09:53
Personally, I have not seen much of your work since James at 15. I
related to that show very much. I had wondered recently after seeing
one of the Little House episodes how well you have aged. Let me just
say after looking through a few sites on the internet, I found some
recent pictures of you. At almost 40, you look absolutly beautiful. don't even look 30!
Mary Alice   18/Mar/2002:14:09:46
You were always my favorite on Little House on the Prairie. I've been
watching that show since I was five years old. I still continue to
watch it today when I can. I would love to know more about you and
what you are doing now.

Mary Alice
Gemma Brownhill   18/Mar/2002:13:21:44
I am 12 years old and a masive Melissa Sue Anderson fan, I love Litle
House on the Praire.I wish the Little House series would carry on
forever. Melissa Sue Anderson is a great actress!!!!!
muhammad aasam masoo   15/Mar/2002:13:59:51
i love u
nick   13/Mar/2002:18:09:36
the first time I've seen her during those prairie days...makes me feel
that she's the kind of girl that I've be in love...but those was when I
was only around 11 or 12 years old.
till this day I still longed for some (or more)characters in the
television or silver screen industries to have the same manners of her.
to me,I'm still living in the rural area...just like the little house
on the prairie...
Donna A Decade in Dreams 12/Mar/2002:04:49:16
Melissa as Mary brought me so much joy and comfort. I was a Native
American child abandoned and later adopted. I was sad and very lonely.
The first time I ever saw Little House was the day I found out my
beloved cat was gone forever. I was just a little girl. Little House
comforted me and I loved hearing about God. Mary was so precious and
her character made me smile. My lonely and sad days were brightened
into happiness every time I could watch little House.

Now I have almost every episode on tape and some on dvd. They are

I don't think Melissa Sue Anderson got the credit she deserved. She
was a HUGE part of the show...
Peggy (cont.)   09/Mar/2002:08:31:11
(Cont.) ice skating? Do you still have any contact with them? I'd
love to hear more about how you're doing. Feel free to e-mail me if
you have time. Take care, and congratulations on the great


Peggy Small   09/Mar/2002:08:17:28
Dear Melissa,
I don't know if you will remember me. When Little House was in
approx it's 2nd season, first run, and you first set up your fanclub
with Pam and Tam, I came and visited and we all went out to see
the movie Grease. Erin O'Donnel was the Southern California
president of the club and my good friend. You and Pam and Tam
used to have her over to help with the fanclub paperwork. Anyway, I
came to LA and met you and we all went out to a movie.
So how are you?!! I've been wondering about you for years.
Then I saw you on a magazine cover and that lead me to do a
search on the web which then brought me to this website. I've
always been curious what direction your life took. Now I read that
you're married and have two kids! Congratulations! And according
to the photo in the magazine, you still look really good. I just turned
40 myself last month but I sure don't feel it! I never got married. I go
to film school and I teach ice skating. Are you, or Pam or Tam still
Christa McEachin melissasueanderson 08/Mar/2002:23:02:02
I have always enjoyed your movies. How many childern do you -&- your
husband have together? My husband and I have 2 girls. One will be
13years old. Our other daughter will be 9 years old her birthday. Iwas
wondering how hard is to play the part of a blind girl ? Will they
ever do a LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRE REUION? Do ever see any of the
cast members that played on the show ?I'm not very big on writing. I
like to keep to myself. Today is a sad day for me. We had my
grandmothers funeral. Tommorrow, we have my cousins funeral. I don't
have many friends. That is why i like to keep to myself. I'm that i
bothered you Melissa. I know you must be pretty busy so i better
go. Your Friend,CHRISTA
Bonnie Cantrell   07/Mar/2002:20:24:02
I am probably the world's biggest Little House on the Prairie fan. Or
at least my husband thinks so. I've seen every episode of Little House
at least 50 times and never get tired of watching them. I amaze him by
seeing some obscure actor in the background of a movie and immediately
recognize them as someone who once played a guest role on Little
House. I'm happy to see that Melissa went on to have a very normal
life and didn't get caught up in the trappings of Hollywood that so
many other child actors of this time have done. I hope that her life
is very serene and that she is happy.
daphne adams   07/Mar/2002:02:25:22
great website.... keep up the good work... i'll defintely be back!

~ daff
pierre-alain   05/Mar/2002:21:47:48
Hello everybody!I m french and i love watch the little house!!!!!!!!!
I'd want to say that if someone would like to speak with me about the
little house,read me!
justin de baets   02/Mar/2002:20:23:03
Hi ya everybody.I am Justin Debaets.I a love to watch Little
House on The Prairie every a morning on a TBS Superstation.I like to
a read a Little House books.I am from Manitoba a Canada.I have a been
to a California in December 2001.A who was your a favorite co-actor/
Ravi gorasia 02/Mar/2002:14:36:09

Is it not amazing. I live in the UK and am 41 years old. As a
teen I grew up on little house on the Prairie. Like everyone else
we all fell instantly in love with the character of Laura. In my
case I think it was the hair and the wonder blue eyes and smile.

I look back and think it's a shame that I have not seen you
active in acting.

Following the little house .. which every one loved. I think I've
seen you in Murder She wrote -&- once in Love boat. I'm sure you
have done other acting parts - Unfortunately I've missed those.

Anyway. I think you are brilliant actor. Whole generation of
people have grown up loving and admiring you.

I hope you are well and happy.
Ravi. Xx
aaa   01/Mar/2002:20:57:49
Busco informacion y fotos de Melissa Sue Anderson. Por vaor alguien
Dennis Broker 01/Mar/2002:07:29:33

We watch little house every morning at our house from 8:00 till
10:00 am it's kind of part of our routine if anyone wants to step back
in time go visit the school from little house, youn can almost see
willy olson's impression in the corner.
Benny   28/Feb/2002:08:07:32
Hi Melissa!

I don´t know if you´ll be reading this, but I still wanted to say that
you are a very good actress. Not only for the LHOTP show, but also for
a number of films, such as Happy birthday yo me. I hope you will go on
acting, because it´s so nice to see a REAL GOOD actress or actor. You
must either be well educated or else you must have a natural talent for
acting! I am now watching the reruns of the LHOTP show, and it´s still
the best american show ever!
I am a scholar in History and I find it very interesting to watch
historical shows. LHOTP is also vera realistic.
I wonder if you have swedish ancestors?!

Benny in Sweden!
Tamara Dalton   17/Feb/2002:15:25:44
The Little House I liked is when u went blind because I'm visally impaied my self and I can tell u that I'm learning braille like Mary Ingalls did on Little House I can relate to her blinness on the show because on some days I feel lke I'm toally blind I was visally impaired since I was born so i think i can relate to all blind people that are in my life or that come in to my life. This is my real life some day I would like to do a book on my life and how i met my boyfriend. The internet is a geat way to met people.


Toni   05/Feb/2002:17:02:10
Hi melissa!
Sorry for my english, is very bad... I spanish boy. I do not know if
this message you are going it to read or. .. In any case liken not to
put it to me. If it beams happy me who you answered to me with words.
You are the best ! Intention, you continue living in Toluka Lake? ( I
don´t know if is written...) you can me to give you personal adress?..
Thank you. Toni.
henrik lundgren   04/Feb/2002:13:15:30
hello melissa!!!!
I love you....... you don´t know me but I seen you actor little house
on the prairie mary name is henrik lundgren in sweden....
have you e-mail can I have it and address??????
Denise T. Baine   31/Jan/2002:22:56:35
The website is really good.
Cassandra Gail Fenne   31/Jan/2002:01:01:59
Great site!!! Hope to visit it again.
Ione Neese   30/Jan/2002:00:55:55
I have always loved "Little House on the Prairie" I watched the program
the whole 12 years that it was on and now continue to watch the reruns.
I read the books as a child and I have also read the books as an adult
several times as I have a set of the "Little House on the Priarie"
books. Thank you Melissa for being such a good actress a Mary. But
there is one question how did you learn how to act blind, cause Mary
Ingalls did become blind because of an illness as a child.Love Ione
Ione Neese   30/Jan/2002:00:50:58
I have always loved "Little House on the Prairie" I watched the program
the whole 12 years that it was on and now continue to watch the reuns.
I red the books as a child and I have also read the books as an adult
several times as I have a set of the Little Hopuse on the Priarie"
books. Thank you Melissa for being such a good actress a Mary. But
there is one question how did you learn how to act blind, cause Mary
Ingalls did become blind because of an illness as a child.Love Ione
GarryHixon(MarilynMo monroe 28/Jan/2002:18:43:33
I,m sending some Randy Rhoad cover tunes to his mom and Ozzy and Bill
Ward. I e-mailed them and Zakk Wylde. Although the ozz isnt looking. My
Friend Richard is rich, and were waiting to buy a house. How are you
today Melissa? I think about you as Mary Ingalls from time to time.
Last night I watched little house, the one where Charles breaks his
ribs, and loses the oxen, I think this is your best episode. The show
was cool until you went blind, then it got corny. I hope you see this
message and have a great day! All the Best! Your friend-GarryHixon
(Marilyn Monroe) See you at the Russian tea room!
Tomoko 28/Jan/2002:12:19:08
Hi, I am Tomoko, I live in Japan. I've known Melissa because I had
watched "Little House on the Prailes" since I was a child. I have a
elder sister. Therefore, Mary and Laura were like our sisters. The TV
programs are great. I studied abroad for 8 monthes in Salve Regina
University, Newport,Rhode Island. I could learn English there. After I
came back to Japan, in May, 2001, My family and I went to Homestead of
Laura Ingals Wilder. We rented a car. We went to Pepin, Walnut Grove,
DeSmet. The people were very kind such as people in "Little House".
We went to some museum about Laura. I could get some Video of Little
House. Today, My siter and I watched it. I also made the album
of "LIttle house on the Prailie" about my journey on my
homepage. "Little House" gave me great great infuluence.
I want to say thank you to Mellisa Sue Anderson as Mary.

Tomoko Akiizumi
nath   26/Jan/2002:19:44:15

Tout d'abord désolée, mais comme mon anglais est très limité, je vais
devoir écrire en français. Je viens de Suisse et j'ai 22 ans. J'ai vu
et revu les épisodes de la petite maison dans la prairie, et même si je
les connais quasiment par coeur, je prends toujours un immense plaisir
à les revoir. De tous les personnages présents, je me suis tout de
suite identifiée à Mary. Je trouve que tu as joué ton rôle à merveille!
Dommage qu'on ne puisse te voir plus souvent à la tv :(.
Bravo pour ce site!!
Lisa-Lynn Mease   26/Jan/2002:16:10:19
Thank you for making so many people happy. I am one of your biggest
fans. You taught many values and morals to people and I have a great
respect for that. My daughter is 10 and she loves Little House On The
Praire shows; she even reads the books. Thanks Melissa for all your
hard work.
Brian South   24/Jan/2002:19:14:05
mary furr   21/Jan/2002:23:19:54
Love the site, love hearing anything about Melissa's acting career and
hoping in the future, there will be a Little House on the Prairie
reunion show.
maria   19/Jan/2002:20:41:51

i think that Melissa Sue Anderson are a good actor. But i also want to
now more about the real Mary. Do somewon now a page there I can find
Pictures on the real Mary?

have a nice day!
wendy taylor   19/Jan/2002:04:49:57
little house brings back good memories of when i was a young girl.
every episode i have is on video now. i still watch it and cry!!!!!
brittny   05/Jan/2002:23:16:42
hi melissa,
i a huge fan of you. you do a good job playing mary ingalls. you are
such a bautiful person
Mazlainey Ngah   03/Jan/2002:05:47:05
Allen none 29/Dec/2001:16:49:52

"Little House" is one of my all time favorite shows. I remember watching it every Monday night. On Tuesday nights, I would watch another one of my all time favorites which ran approximately the same years as "Little House" (I am not talking about the "Waltons"). I am talking about "Happy Days". When I see a "Happy Days" episode, I also think about "Little House", and vise versa. I watch "Little House" whenever I can and may someday start a video collection from the TBS airings. I already have the pilot episode, a Christmas episode where everyone tells stories about previous Christmases and the last episode where the town gets blown up. I like this site and have saved it so that I can visit it again. By the way, if any one would like information on Happy Days sites, go to Go to sitcoms starting with the letter "H" and click on "Happy Days". I think that they also have links to "Little House" sites as well.
Martine   28/Dec/2001:20:44:06
Hello Melissa! I think you are a very good actress! I saw you every day
in 'Little House on the Prairie' and in the film: Earthquake in New
York. I wish you very luck with acting! Many greets from Martine!
Brad Werk   23/Dec/2001:21:25:32
I feel that Little House on the Prarie is one of the best things in
life. My wife and I watch 3 episodes per day and watch them before we
go to bed at night. Anyone want to chat some time just e-mail us. One
thing we want to do is meet a star from the show or be able to see a
reunion of the remaining cast. Of course owning something from the
show would be awsome!
susan   17/Dec/2001:14:52:24
always been a fan great site susan
kay gibbs beyond the praairie 16/Dec/2001:05:59:34
melissa was very she married.
Reba   10/Dec/2001:14:36:29
Hi Mellisa,

I always watch LHOTP, I just love it. I am 19 years old girl from
London, I had have watched LHOTP ever since i can remember. The series
so well writen and the characters are great.It still shows every
saturday and I never miss it.I would be so happy if you could write back
to me, thank you.
Britnee   27/Nov/2001:19:49:00
Dear Melissa,
I love watching LHOTP with my mom. She used to watch it too when she
was little.I like to read,like Mary.Please e-mail me-if you can.

john arnison   24/Nov/2001:20:17:04
Great Fan of little house on the hairy,as I like to call it!
Great site,thanks a lot.I still think mellisa is cute,although its a
pity,I am now married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
john arnison   24/Nov/2001:20:14:05
Great Fean of little house on the hairy,as I like to call it!
Great site,thanks a lot
Gary   20/Nov/2001:19:42:08
I'm one of your millions of fans, I've always thought you are
absolutely gorgeous and a mighty fine actress. My best wishes to you
and all you hold dear. Gary
Dan V.   19/Nov/2001:20:14:40
I grew up with L.H. and even today when I see it in re-runs it makes
me feel younger. I'm only 37 but that feeling of being a kid again or
feeling like a kid again is really nice.

Hey, I guess there's no truth to idea that people lose there looks when
they get older. You are even prettier than ever.

Hope to see you in upcoming movies...
daphne adams   17/Nov/2001:06:05:20

i love watching little house and i always will.
that's why i tape record my favorite episodes.
i just can't seem to get enough of lhotp.
just thought i'd let you know.
hope to see on any upcoming tv series or movies.


gustavo arceo   15/Nov/2001:15:34:48
Dear Mary:
I hope you get all you need for your life to be happy. I'm sure you
don't know me but I know you since I saw you in Walnut Grove. I was
very sad when you get blind and I pray to the Lord for a Miracle like
your family did. God knows the right way and you could not see anymore
with your eyes but your heart began to beat more and more to show what
love can do. I'm not member of Ingalls family but I feel I was there,
closa to Laura, close to you close to Walnut Grove every time you were
there. Take care and be happy, don't forget your great family and
friends. I'm one, maybe the last, of your FRIENDS.

Congratulations! May God bless you!
gustavo diaz barriga   15/Nov/2001:15:17:01
I only want to say that melissa is my favorite actress, not only
because she's beautiful. I was born in november 1961 and when she was
in "little house..." I grow up with her. Congratulations because you
have been part of one of the most beautiful TV series.
Samuel Jenkins   15/Nov/2001:01:13:17
Hi Melissa, when I saw you on your show, I thought you were the cutest
girl on the show. I had a crush on you for a while, you're such a
wonderful person. Sometimes I watch your show even now if I get up
early, you are so fine. Your husband is one lucky man baby, I hope you
continue to be successful in whatever you do. May God bless you
greately, by.
David Gross   14/Nov/2001:00:55:59
I loved your role. I often use Mary in my discussions with my
handicapped students.
Debbie Davie   12/Nov/2001:00:09:40
I love your character on LHP, your'e a great actress!!! I wish I could
see more of you. My sister and are you're best fans!!!
Louise Chesson   05/Nov/2001:21:47:10
Hi Melissa
I really enjoyed watching you in "Little House on the Prairie" I think
you are a great actress.Would you be able to tell me where I can or if
I can get videos of the series or any other of your films.
From a Devoted "Little House Fan"
Nadine Ramm Nadine`s Genealogie 24/Oct/2001:20:59:10
Hello Melissa Sue Anderson,
Your`e page is very interesting. I like your Film "Little House".
Have you any new Film`s?
Greetings from Delmenhorst, Germany.

Good luck in your Live!!!!!!!!
Excuse my english.
Jim Yienger   17/Oct/2001:07:26:07
Just wanted to say Hi.
Renee   17/Oct/2001:03:29:16
Excellent job. I always loved that show and thought MSA was an
excellent actress.
Ellen Hindkær   16/Oct/2001:19:56:46
Hi Melissa

Just thought about you, as I was watching a film wih your co-actress
Melissa Gilbert.

I more or less grew up with LHOTP, ad watched every re-run on tv.

Whatever happened to all the acters? I know Michael Landon died in 1992
(very sad), saw quite a few films with Melissa Gilbert, but never with
the rest of you.

Hope everything in your life is going fine. May the Lord bless you and
your relatives.

Love from Denmark

gregor   12/Oct/2001:19:51:56
Bonnie Pfneisl Rapit 06/Oct/2001:03:37:40
I have been a big fan of little house on the prarie all my life. It was
always my favorite show since I was young and now it is a favorite of
my children. Melissa {Mary} was my favorite on the show. I am very much
like her. I'm so glad the show still airs. I still cry when I see one
of the sad episodes and the funny ones always make up for those ones
though. Thankyou Melissa for all the great years of laughter and tears,
I've thoroughly enjoyed every one.

Sincerely your friend

Jack MeHoff   05/Oct/2001:23:24:35

Dear Mary,

I just saw on PAX what happened the other day when you went blind and
went to the blind school and met Adam and then moved away with him to
South Dakota to start a blind school. How did that work out? I hope
you ralized Adam was no good for you! If it doesn't work out, please
let me know. I would very much like to meet you and get you know

Love, Jack MeHoff
robbie bond prairie life 01/Oct/2001:17:49:08
i've been a little house fan since early childhood and still crazy over
it today!! my favorite is mary ingalls and would love to hear from all
you fans out there! please email me..
Chris EvenMore Textviewer 01/Oct/2001:12:42:02
Hi Melissa,

I was surprised when I came across this website!
I was just watching Little House on the Prairy
yesterday (reruns on channel 4, UK) (I am 20 years old,
and have been watching for about 10 years!). It is my
most favourite favourite favourite show ever!
All the characters are excellent, and very well
played out. They are extremely well written too,
and each show has a very good moral behind it,
which I like. When I watch it, it's like you
are for that moment transported into that 'world',
and it's like the characters are your own best
friends :). Well this is just a note to let you
know how much I appreciate the show, and wish you
every blessing in whatever you do.

Diane   29/Sep/2001:14:18:55
I think Melissa Sue Anderson was brill on The Little House On The
Prairie series as i think she plays Mary Ingalls very well. I love the
series. I haven't saw her on anythging else, but i think she is a very
talented actress.

Jamie Iced Eyes 28/Sep/2001:17:51:10

You have no clue how much I love the show LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.
Youve touched so many lives by playing that part. Im only 12, but I
look up to you very much, really I do. Thank you, Melissa.

Gary Szwejda   26/Sep/2001:22:53:29
Dear Melissa,
I wish you a very happy birthday. Someone who means very much to me
is also celebrating her birthday today, and she is the same age as
you. Although we no longer keep in touch, I did send her a gift today,
a white pine seedling that I grew from seed. If I could, I would send
one to you.
Heidi Stehbach   26/Sep/2001:21:53:05
Dear Melissa,
I send you best wishes to your birthday. God bless you.
Yours Heidi from Germany.
PS: I am very sad about the 11 September 2001.
I feel with you and all American people.
linn marit hermansen   26/Sep/2001:20:03:13
I am a girl from northern norway I am 13 years old.
The little house on the prairie have just been on Norwegian television,
I love that program.
love from linn marit
JOEL   26/Sep/2001:19:20:58
bonjour Melissa,

Je suis francais et je m'appelle joel. j'ai ton age, 39 ans ou du
moins, je les aurai dans 3 mois. J'aimerais te souhaiter un joyeux
anniversaire et beaucoup de bonheur pour l'avenir. Je suis sur que tu
es une fille comblée avec un mari charmant, des enfants magnifiques et
toi, Melissa, je suis un fan inconditionnel et j'ai suivi pas à pas ta
carriere. Quand j'étais plus petit, je suivais depuis sa diffusion en
France en 1976, tous les épisodes de la petite maison dans la prairie
et à chaque fois c'etait un régal de revoir tous ces merveilleux
acteurs que vous formiez.
Tu as su me séduire Melissa et je t'apprécie énormément. D'ailleurs tu
sais, je t'admire toujours autant.
Ca me ferait une immense joie que tu me répondes. J'ai découvert ton
site récemment et j'y viens tous les jours.
Je te souhaite une longue carrière et je suis persuadé que tu resteras
toujours au firmament.
Je t'envoies mes plus chaleureux baisers
a très bientôt.
Un parisien qui t'aime bien
steve ricklefs   25/Sep/2001:18:01:33

Hi! I thought Melissa sue Anderson was and is a wonderful person. She is one that can act to me everyone on that show LHOTP were so great on how they did there work . it was like part of the family.I still watch LHOTP on TBS seem like i cant get enough of the show
Tony Rogers   22/Sep/2001:22:33:58
Hello again, Melissa! I wrote an e-mail also. I can't say enough what
a wonderful actress you are. You were the greatest as Mary on Little
House, and always are the best in any role you play.

Take care, and I'm glad I surfed in to this great web site of yours!

Tony R.
jeff   22/Sep/2001:14:58:35
Dear Melissa

Hello Melissa,although I am a few years older than you I so
enjoyed watching you on little house and on the Equalizer could you
please email me any movies that you did that will be shown on tv soon.
thank you.

Dr W J sykes
Diana   20/Sep/2001:03:39:10
Dear Melissa: I'm now almost 30 and have watched Little House On The
Prairie for as long as I can remember and still watch the reruns to
this day. I think you and Melissa Gilbert are great actresses. By the
way, do the two of you talk much at all since the show has been over
for such a long time now. I honestly believe that was (should say is
the best show because the reruns are still showing) one of the best
shows ever put on television. The way life should be people getting
along and trying to help one another. Hopefully someday I will receive
a letter or autograph from you.

God be with you and your family especially through all that is
happening with our country under attack.

Diana Bare (South Bend, Indiana)

My address is:
753 S 25th Street
South Bend, IN 46615
Chris Hopkins Ph.D.   19/Sep/2001:19:28:11
Hi Melissa,
Went wandering and found this site, I'll be 37 in 2 days, have been in
love with you since you kissed Bobby Brady, Stay beutiful! Would love
to more of your acting skills of late. One of your biggest lovers!!!
henrik lundgren   15/Sep/2001:06:02:39
hello melissa!!!!
I wont have yor address
bujangkipli   11/Sep/2001:13:02:51

I love the way u act in Little house on the prairie and still love to
see it today. Very touching story. Best of luck in yr future
Jenny   07/Sep/2001:16:57:08
I'm 39 yrs. old, and I still enjoy LHOTP. Thanks for the great site!!!
Lorrie Richardson   04/Sep/2001:19:14:17
Hi Melissa

I have been a real big fan of Little House on The Prarie for who
nows how long and i even still watch all the reruns today, and still
some of the reruns make me cry. I would alsways hope when i watched
Little House that it would always be about you or Millissa Gilbert or
the rest of the family but i would always watch it anyways. I also am
a big fan of yours for so long now. I also have seen you in the Alfried
Hitchcock show and on the Brady Bunch as well which is another show i
really like watching too. I also am wishing you a wounderful Birthday
this September and hope you and your family celerbrate with great cheer
and happiness. If you get a minute or two can you e-mail me back to
let me know that you received my special comment to you. All the best
for the future and hope you will do well for the future to come.

Thank You
Lorrie Richardson

From Toronto Ontario Canada
virginia torres   02/Sep/2001:02:55:52
Muchos recuerdos de la serie que protagonizó melissa.Quien no vio la
familia ingalls ?(se llamó asi por estos lados) Desde Uruguay,
gracias por tantos momentos tan lindos, tantas alegrías y tristezas .
A quienes hacen este sitio sigan adelante,
Mi agradecimiento y el de muchos más.
virginia torres , montevideo, uruguay
Lacie Grizzard   01/Sep/2001:04:31:10
PAM EMOLA   30/Aug/2001:20:51:48
Heidi Stehbach   30/Aug/2001:20:41:59
Dear Melissa,
you are a very good actress!
When I was ten years old (1982) I saw "Little House On The Praire" for
the first time. Since then I have been a great fan of the series and
above all of you as "Mary Ingalls". "Mary" is a model for me.
I have read you were alot like her character.
You are currently married and you have two children. I share your
My friend an me built a house last year. We will marry in December. We
want to have a baby soon.
Melissa, my dream is it to come in letter-contact with you or to get an
autograph of you. Of course, I understand when there is no possibility.
(If you gave answer to everybody you would write night and day...).
My adress is Heidi Stehbach, Erikaweg 1, 95505 Immenreuth, Germany.
My hobbies are swimming, reading, musics, meeting with friends,
cooking, writing short stories.
I work as an educator in a kindergarten.
Dear Melissa, I wish you and your familiy well.
God bless you.
Yours Heidi

Heidi Stehbach   30/Aug/2001:20:21:10
Michelle   27/Aug/2001:18:01:27
I think Melissa did a great job playing Mary Ingalls.
I think the saddest episodes are where she went blind
and her baby died in a fire.I think she's has beautiful
eyes and nice smile.
lourie cushman   22/Aug/2001:20:32:55
Melissa Sue Anderson is a very beautiful actress. The scenes she
played in were all so real like. Especially when her character became
blind. She played the part as if she were really blind, it was surly an
episode to cry about. Whenever mary had boy crushes or school related
problems, she always played the part out as if you were watching her
real life unfold. I would love to see Melissa in something to day to
see what she looks like now. Little House On The Prairie will always be
one of my favorite shows.
William E. Wood II   22/Aug/2001:17:35:52
I have always thought that Melissa was an extremely talented and
beautiful young lady. I wonder why she doesn't perform in high profile
movies because she could give a lot of these "high demand" actresses a
run for their money.
Eva Towns   22/Aug/2001:00:47:42
Dear Melissa Sue, When will you give us fans your up-to-date mailing
address so that we can send you birthday greetings on your birthday? We
have been waiting with baded breath, and we wanted to know if you will
give your address to us? Thank you. Love,Eva Towns
MARIA EUGENIA SANTIL NO 21/Aug/2001:05:59:20
pedro garza   20/Aug/2001:21:09:20
hi,there i am from mexico. and i want to tell that i got the oportunity
to go to independence kansas, were there is a little house that the
ingalls family used to live. and i remember the lit5tle house series, i
really enjoyied even though my inglish is not so well, and i remember
you, you are great, saludos desde reynosa , mexico ,,..
Eric Boyce   20/Aug/2001:15:27:55
I was a big fan of Melissa when she was on little house on the prairie.
I guess youcan say it was like a crush. She is a very beautiful lady.
I hope that she continues with agreat career.
Tina Kansas City 19/Aug/2001:16:47:56
Cool site.
audrey williamson   17/Aug/2001:05:52:18
I think Melissa did a wonderful acting blind. It was so realistic.
Great job Melissa.
Candice   16/Aug/2001:19:53:22